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Baloncesto E.P. Siesta, 1996
Edwin Moses. Siesta, 2000
Love tuns you upside down. Siesta, 2003
The gospel African years. Siesta, 2006


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All About Lily

Original title: All About Lily Chou Chou \xB7 Japón, 2001 \xB7 Director: Shunji Iwai \xB7Featuring: Hayato Ichihara, Ayumi Ito \xB7 Timing: 146 min \xB7 Includes the song: I'll be around

The young man Yuichi is obsessed by the pop singer Lily Chou Chou. He admires her so much that he finally creates a web page devoted to her. Through this web page he gets in touch with another fan called Blue Cat. They will attend together to Lily's concert, without being aware that they will be involved in a tragedy. Will you be able to find the selected Edwin Moses' piece of song in the 146 minutes of the film?.

All About Lily

All About Lily