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Baloncesto E.P. Siesta, 1996
Edwin Moses. Siesta, 2000
Love tuns you upside down. Siesta, 2003
The gospel African years. Siesta, 2006


Monte Fujiyama.

A picture of Fujiyama Mountain

The plan of Seoul's underground

The plan of Seoul's underground. According to one of our reporters, it looks quite similar to a dish of spaghetti.

Latest news


...after the Asian tour, the Spanish one

If you couldn't saw the band playing live in Madrid (Neu! Club), you can see the whole concert clicking here. (Galileo TV)

The confirmed dates for the tour of Edwin Moses around Spain are the following:

Saturday 11th November, GUADALAJARA, Oxido
Friday 9th February, TARRAGONA, Zero
Saturday 10th February, VALENCIA, Black Note club
Friday 16th February, PAMPLONA, Artsaia
Saturday 17th February, BILBAO, Azkena

And coming soon: Toledo, Badajoz Pola de Siero, Zaragoza and more... Keep in touch!

23-24th September, documentary concert

The most important concert of the band up to now

A fax tells us that this will not happen in Tokyo, nor in Seoul... this will take place in Asturias, the land where most of the musicians of this band come from. Edwin Moses is already preparing a special concert (audio & video) from which we still can't give much information. What we can say is that many of the musicians who have collaborated with the band or who have been part of the band at any moment, will be playing on the stage (or TV set) which will be built for the occasion. According to the band's plans, this concert will be released together with the album foreseen for next year, which will contain rarities and unreleased previous recordings. We'll soon be able to give more information.

8-9th September, Seoul

The Asian tour ends up in Seoul (South Korea)

What about if Mr. Moses, the true man, was hidden in Seoul, the capital from South Korea? This could be, of course, a significant option in the case he would wish to remain completely anonymous. This is why the false Edwin Moses band will also be playing in Seoul. The 8th September they'll be playing on a TV show. "Mr. Moses, if you are actually there, this time there is no excuse", this is what one of the members of the band to our reporter in Seoul, Kim Jo Sung. The members of the false Moses band have always believed that Jamal Nafsum may appear everywhere and... why not on the TV? The band will also be playing the next day in a music hall in Seoul.

6th September, Tokyo

The false Edwin Moses band will be playing at the Duo Music Exchange, the emblematic music hall in Tokyo, introducing their brand new album 'The gospel african years'.

A rumour goes around about Edwin Moses being in Japan in this moment... Following this trace and just in case, the false band paying homage to him, also called Edwin Moses, is going to Tokyo to verify it. Many fans of the band (most of them are Japanese) will be able to enjoy a session that will combine old hits from the Chicago star with new songs retrieved from his African years.


Special Reporters

Vinicius Goikoetxea. Rio do Janeiro, Brazil.

Vinicius GoikoetxeaBrazilian journalist with a Basque origin. When he was very young, he started working at the Jornal d\xF4 Brasil, from where he soon passed to the agency Global Press, which gave him the opportunity to travel all around the world as a war correspondent (Korea, Vietnam, Syria, the Congo, Afghanistan, the Falkland Islands...). He had contact with Edwin Moses during one of the African armed conflicts, and he kept a long friendship with him. At the moment, he's working as a private detective in an agency located in So Paulo.

Mirinda Jones. Los Angeles, US.

Mirinda JonesShe was one of the most popular grouppies during the 70's and in the tours of the greatest soulmen such as Leroy Hutson, Frederick Knight, Johnny Otis, Teddy Pendergrass and, needless to say, Edwin Moses. This woman knows some of the deepest secrets of our hero, having been his lover for several months. She currently lives in Sacramento (California, US) and is married with 5 children and 16 grandchildren.

Pharoah Randall. Accra, Ghana.

Pharoah RandallSuleiman Nur el Wadi (aka Pharoah Randall) is a Truth Prospector who has covered most of the spiritual traditions and psychology trends around the world. One believes he's one of the responsible persons of Edwin Moses' conversion to Islam, spreading messages such as "We sufis are in the world but we don't come from this world". It seems clear that Jamal Nafsum was deeply touched by him... Pharoah Randall currently teaches philosophy and theology in the University of Accra.

Ervin 'The Colonel' Hopkins. Chicago, US.

Ervin 'The Colonel' HopkinsColonel Hopkins, as he likes to be called, was a guerrilla in Angola, a taxi driver in Addis Abeba, run several whorehouses in Colombia, Mexico and Guatemala, and has also been the bass player in the band who played with Edwin Moses during his USA tour in 1972. He had a serious conflict with Edwin in the 80s, since he claimed he was the author of the song "Glory, glory", originally signed by Moses, but the court gave the reason to the latter. He's currently working in the journal The Miami Times, where he's building a solid carrer and a great reputation as a sport writer.

Michael Landis. Ontario, Canada.

Michael LandisHe was one of the most important show promoters of America. Furhermore, he has been the personal manager of Edwin Moses between 1970 and 1975, being the responsible person, among other things, of the contract with the label with the music company Canyon Records, where Moses has released some of his greatest albums, such as Dead Town (1970). He has also been the person who provided Edwin Moses the opportunity to play in the most sacred temples of soul music: from Chicago to NYC, from Memphis to Los Angeles or from Tokyo to Rotterdam. He is established in the island of Gran Canaria (Spain) since 1996.